Best Duck Hunting Waders

Best Duck Hunting Waders

Find the Best Duck Hunting Waders for the 2018-2019 Season

If you’re truly looking for the best duck hunting waders, you will have to spend a fair chunk of change. With my picks below, I can help you make an informed decision so you won’t just be a happy camper with your purchase, you’ll be a happy hunter. I’ll cover four different price ranges so you can find the best waterfowl waders that fit your budget.

SITKA Gear Delta Zip Wader – The Best Duck Hunting Wader


  • The best quality wader you’ll ever own
  • Great comfort features
  • Serviced by SITKA
  • Great camo choices


  • The only con is price, but if you’re a serious hunter, this is a smart multi-year purchase

Budget: High


In the past, hunters have long considered the wader a disposable clothing item that at some point will fail. The choices we all face when this happens is to either self service or buy new. This all changes with the SITKA Gear Delta Zip Wader. This will be the last wader that you own. This is the first wader to market that is 100% serviceable by SITKA.


No more will you have to try to coat the inside of waders with glue, hoping to stop the leak, or spending the same amount on a new pair every couple of years. With this new design, if your waders are ever damaged, they are repaired in the original factory that manufactured them. With original parts and service, you know that everything will be repaired to original quality. No more filling the landfills with waders that only have a small leak in the knee or groin. No more spending the couple hundred dollars every few years. This will truly be the last pair of waders you ever buy and is for the serious hunter and outdoorsman. Check current prices on [link].

SITKA is known for making high quality hunting and outdoor gear that can take whatever you throw at it plus some. Every aspect of this wader has been over-engineered to withstand the grueling conditions that waterfowl hunters put themselves into. This wader features the following:

  • A completely waterproof YKK Aquaseal Zipper – This allows for easy on and off
  • 4 layer GORE-TEX Pro Laminate construction – providing both durability and breathability
  • LaCrosse AeroForm Insulated boot
  • Aggressive tread – Excellent traction in all weather conditions
  • Reinforced shins and knees with rugged foam
  • Made in the USA with 100% serviceable parts
  • Adjustable no buckle suspension
  • High handwarmer pockets
  • Water resistant front storage pockets
  • Available in two camos: Marsh and Timber

Recommended Accessories

SITKA makes a jacket that pairs with these waders, and that’s the SITKA Gear Delta Wading Jacket

It uses the same premium quality materials, so you’ll be sure to know you’re hunting with the best possible gear. This jacket also comes available in the Marsh or Timber camo options to match your SITKA waders.


Drake Waterfowl MST EQWader 2.0


  • Great wader with features specifically for duck hunting
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Great boot insulation
  • Lots of adjustable straps for comfort


  • If you have wider feet, the boots will need time to wear in
  • If you’re rough with your gear, this is a pricey pair to replace yearly

Budget: Medium

If you’re not looking to break the bank, but still want a great wader for duck hunting, Drake has the product for you. The Waterfowl MST EQWader 2.0 was designed specifically with duck hunting in mind.


Whether you are climbing into your boat or kneeling to pick up your latest green head, the HD2 Hydro-Flex Knees will flex and move allowing for comfort and durability that every hunter craves. The DryFuse seam technology, with internal seams and extra wide waterproof seam seal tape remind you each time you go out why Drake has thought of the hunter’s needs. The no buckle shoulder strap makes getting these waders on and off a breeze. If you are a cold weather hunter, (sorry isn’t that every duck hunter) you will truly enjoy the “against the body” hand warmer. I prefer not to use gloves whenever possible, and this feature kept my fingers nice and toasty.


These waders have a unique feature called the Magnattach. This allows the hunter quick access to a waterproof pocket that is easily removed from the waders. Although we do not recommend storing valuable items here, this is a good way to lose your phone in the river. The best place to store your phone or other valuables is the chest pocket that is secured to the waders.


Sizing options include regular and stout. These sizing options will help hunters of all sizes find a comfortable fit, including boot fit. Camo options include Realtree MAX-5, Mossy Oak Bottomland, and Drake’s own Blades camo pattern.

Recommended Accessories

If you are a fan of the Drake brand and/or want matching camo all around, check out the Drake Waterproof Boonie Hat. It’ll do a great job keeping the elements off of you and out of your eyes, plus give you the right looking camo to match your waders. Not only is it waterproof, but it’s breathable so you’ll always be comfortable. Feel free to fold it up, pack it flat, or put it anywhere that it fits, it’ll always be easy to store.


TideWe Chest Wader


  • Best wader for the price
  • Cheap price allows you to hunt without worrying about damaged gear
  • Adjustable straps for comfort
  • Great choice for new water hunters


  • Less insulation than others, but still plenty for warmer hunting days

Budget: Low

While it isn’t a popular name brand, the price point for the TideWe Chest Waders is tough to beat! With 600g of Thinsulate, you’ll still be able to stay warm on colder days, but maybe not as warm as higher priced waders would be. With double stitched seams and added puncture protection in the boot, you’ll be able to hunt and fish in the roughest terrain, and with a much lower price (check current prices on Amazon) you won’t worry about damaging an expensive pair. You could even get away with buying a new set every year without breaking the bank!

Even at the lower price point, you still get some great creature comforts such as a hand warming pocket, and also a small storage pocket. There’s not much else to say about this budget wader as it’s your best bang for your buck. The TideWe Chest Wader is definitely a great choice if you’re new to water hunting and just want to test the waters without spending too much.

Final Thoughts

If your budget will allow it, the Sitka Gear Delta Zips are the best duck hunting waders you can buy. For a medium sized budget, but still looking for most of the bells and whistles, the Drake Waterfowl waders are a great choice for you. If you’re looking for a pair just to test the waters (haha) or need a “throwaway pair” that is still a great option, the TideWe should be your go to choice.

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